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Automation test script development

If you are not careful about the tracking activities of your software system, then there are high chances that your system be prone to great threat. Testing a software is must prior to usage of the software in real time. Now what approach would you choose in this testing world is the challenge everyone faces now a days. The two approaches every organizational users are manual testing and automation testing. Manual testing approach is an ideal approach for any software system however if the volume of test data that needs to be tested is a lot then there will be an increase in the man power towards manual testing effort which in turn will increase cost. To reduce manual effort and cost, we come with automation testing approach. Now here comes the importance of automation test script development.

We, at Inverselogix, can provide our clients with best automated testing approaches. The major benefit of automated testing is that it reduces the risk factor of a system or application. We provide different kinds of automated testing approaches which you can use it for your system as per your needs and requirements. The software quality of your system will certainly be enhanced after being tested. One thing should be noted that automation testing is one of the effective ways for discovering defects in software development’s life cycle.

At Inverselogix, we develop test scripts using HP testing tools like QTP, UFT, ServiceTest, LoadRunner. We are experienced in VB Scripting, C# concepts providing best object oriented approach for automation test script development. These test scripts have series of parameters, data correlation, verification points, and lines of codes which must work as a single unit. It is important to verify these scripts so that you can rest assured that each of the scripts is functioning well prior putting them into single string. Since whole process is automatic, you do not require any human being for testing purpose. This process will run by itself at the scheduled date and time.

Our company is capable of dong following tasks:

  1. Evaluating Automated Test Inputs
  2. Validating Test Script
  3. Adding Error Handling
  4. Adding Verification Points
  5. Developing Basic Test Steps
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