Big Data & Analytics

Big Data and Analytics continue to evolve; enabling data-driven enterprises all the more equipped to stay both, relevant to their market as well as ahead of the competition, in the digital age. Our accelerators and frameworks for big data analytics help management in realizing the benefits from the immense promise of big data technologies. We deliver practical and doable insights to your business that lead to concrete benefits such as reduced cost, increased savings, improved business performance, efficiency, and regulatory reporting.

Plus, our solutions help turn your data into extra revenues, through a better understanding of your business, customers, competition, offerings, and products, etc. You get a positive change in every aspect of your business – improved products/services, efficiencies, better customer experience, reduced costs and increased sales and ROI.

  • Advisory services
  • Implementation services
  • Data migration & integration
  • Maintenance & support
  • Reporting & business intelligence
  • Customization & enhancement
  • Upgrade
  • Cloud services
  • Mobility solutions
  • Consulting & training

Hortonworks, Cloudera, MapR, HDInsight; both on-premises & on-cloud.