Flood IO is an on-request load testing solution supplier intended to amplify test methodologies and find issues in real-time. It is industry’s most flexible and scalable on-demand load testing solution. Flood’s innovation offers DevOps unparalleled adaptability for load testing early and consistently. Joining load testing with Tricentis’ Continuous Testing platform will allow clients to load test with Tricentis Tosca, create smoke tests, combine load testing into their continuous integration workflows, and recognize performance issues early.
Traditionally, load testing was delayed until the late phases of release cycles that lasted months. Performance testers applied legacy tools to validate performance prior to release. However, now that teams are incrementally releasing new functionality weekly, daily, or hourly, that approach creates a process pace mismatch.
Flood is a load testing platform that lets you run globally-distributed performance tests with your favorite open source tools. Scale out your flood load tests for maximum concurrency and throughput at any given time by taking care of the infrastructure and provide aggregated, real-time reporting.
Whether you need to load test a single URL, simulate realistic browser behavior with Selenium, or execute large concurrency and volume with JMeter or Gatling, Flood provides a simple and affordable platform for scaling load tests on demand.